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Women Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies. E-leadership conference will be a gathering of women entrepreneurs and leaders. It perceives and celebrates outstanding women entrepreneurs who have made positive changes in the business and social ecosystem.

It will be made up of a mixture of expert opinions, inspiring professional experience, best practice from leading women entrepreneurs, and more. Allowing conference participants to build their network, as well as polish their skill and expand their knowledge, to ensure that their ventures can survive and compete in today’s fast paced startup ecosystem in America and beyond.

In addition, we will create a network of female entrepreneurs and their supporters who you can rely on, do business with and who will support you beyond the conference. 

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Head of Marketing Communications and Outreach, Podcast Founder and Host
Humanity Rising

Sara Lee Wolfe

Entrepreneurship & Innovation Leader for Latin America
Bridge for Billions

Ilana Golan
United States

Golan Ventures Inc

Online Visibility Expert & Mentor for Female Entrepreneurs
Comma! Online Marketing

CEO & Founder
Alina Boyte LLC, Kanpeki Enterprises PBC

Founder & CEO

Joongbo Multimode Chemicals Limited

DeBellevue Global Marketing Agency

Jelloow & Marketing Scaleurs

Marissa Pick Consulting LLC

MooreDesign Associates

Cofounder | VP Sales & Marketing
Saara Inc.

Lauri-Ann Ainsworth

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Voice Your Passion: Social Entrepreneurship as a Female
Women Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and Challenges
The Powerful Pivot: Winning Against a Pandemic
Think Big Scale Fast
Visual Social Marketing: The Next Generation of Social Media
The Secret Weapon to Preventing Product Returns
Alisha Gupta – United States
Lynda Aphing-Kouassi – Cote d’ivoire (Ivory Coast)
Jennifer Iannolo – United States
Jolien Demeyer – Belgium
Marissa Pick – United States
Carrie Leigh – United States
Building Your Personal Brand
From Invisible to Invincible – The art of self-promotion
Leaders March During Pandemic: Reinventing your Strengths
Chaos to Clarity – How to find your niche and discover fulfilment.
Ilana Golan – United States
Janice Sutherland – Antigua and Barbuda
Momtaz Chowdhury –Bangladesh
Lauri-Ann Ainsworth – Jamaica
Incubation methodologies in a digital world
Building a Business that Matters
How to create the excellent Online Visibility for your company and grow!
Building Brand Loyalty Through Organic Content Creation
DIGITAL EQUITY: What’s Age+Ability Got To Do With It?
Sara Lee Wolfe – Mexico
Alina Boyte – United States
Colette Elting – Netherlands
Leanna DeBellevue – United States
Patricia Moore – United States

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