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Women Entrepreneurship in Digital Technologies. E-leadership conference will be a gathering of women entrepreneurs and leaders. It perceives and celebrates outstanding women entrepreneurs who have made positive changes in the business and social ecosystem.

It will be made up of a mixture of expert opinions, inspiring professional experience, best practice from leading women entrepreneurs, and more. Allowing conference participants to build their network, as well as polish their skill and expand their knowledge, to ensure that their ventures can survive and compete in today’s fast paced startup ecosystem in America and beyond. In addition, we will create a network of female entrepreneurs and their supporters who you can rely on, do business with and who will support you beyond the conference.

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Director Customer Experience

Dare Development Advice & Resources

Fractional CTO

CEO and Co-Founder

Director Digital Transformation Council | Director Smart City Councilr
EU Tech Chamber

Professional Speaker and Branding Strategist
Omni Solutions Consultation

Principal Product Manager
Alexa AI - Amazon

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Launching Groundbreaking Initiatives In Your Organization
Caterina Rosander United States
How to be an HR professional in the digital era
Corina Neagu – Romania
Emotional Intelligence for Engineering
Kateryna Sytnyk- United States
How blockchain can make an impact in areas beyond economic growth
Taynaah Reis – Brazil
Maching Learning for the Non-Scientists On Your Team
Polly Allen- United States
Authentic Communication Development for Leaders
Shaan Rais- United States

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