Terms and Conditions


These are the terms and conditions which apply to all conference and events, managed, organized or executed by IMG – Internet Media Group and form an agreement between you and us. We will not file a copy of our agreement with you. These terms and conditions are available in the English language only.

  • By booking a Internet Media Group Conferences, you accept these terms and conditions. You should read them carefully before making a booking. We recommend you save a copy of them for your future reference.
  • You acknowledge that the venue, timings, speakers, and programmer of any Internet Media Group Conference are subject to reasonable changes.
  • The unauthorized use of photographic and recording equipment is prohibited at any Internet Media Group Conference.
  • If you cancel your Internet Media Group Conferences booking, or do not attend the event, the event fee will not be refunded.
  • Please ensure you take care of your personal possessions during any Internet Media Group Conferences as Internet Media Group cannot accept any liability for them.
  • Filming and photography may take place at all Internet Media Group Conferences. You consent to your image and likeness being used in marketing and films without any payment to you.
  • For the safety of all attendees, Internet Media Group Conferences are ‘weapons free’ and all conference participants, including staff, volunteers, and attendees, are banned from possessing any object or substance intended to cause injury to others, including but not limited to firearms.
  • Internet Media Group Conferences are committed to creating an environment where everyone can participate without harassment, discrimination, or violence of any kind. All meeting participants must be treated with respect and consideration. Registration for the conference is considered an agreement to abide by this code of conduct.
  • Harassment of any participant (attendee, speaker, volunteer, exhibitor, staff member, service provider, organizer, or meeting guest) will not be tolerated. Unacceptable behaviour includes (but is not limited to) unwanted verbal attention, unwanted touching, intimidation, stalking, shaming, or bullying.
  • Discrimination based on gender or gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability, physical appearance, race, religion, national origin, or ethnicity will not be tolerated. Harassment presented in a joking manner is still harassment and constitutes unacceptable behaviour. Retaliation for reporting harassment is also unacceptable, as is reporting an incident in bad faith.
  • Internet Media Group Conferences do not claim or guarantee that any papers will be published by any specific publisher or index. Publishers or organizations can decline to publish the conference proceedings that do not meet their quality standards.
  • Internet Media Group Conferences do not claim or guarantee that any papers will be indexed in any database. Indexing services evaluate conferences and independently determine what they will index.
  • Authors are expected to attend the conference in person to present their papers and share their ideas. Internet Media Group Conferences can exclude or limit the distribution of any paper that was not presented at the conference.
  • We may revise our terms and conditions from time to time, for example to reflect changes in relevant laws or regulatory requirements or improvements we make to the IMG Conferences.
  • This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with European law and the parties agree that the Bulgarian courts shall have non-exclusive jurisdiction in relation to this agreement.
  • These terms and conditions are a contract between you and us. No other person shall have any right to enforce any of the terms.