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The Digital Human Resource Management conference is the event where academics in HRM and related fields, as well as HR practitioners from all over the world, meet in a relaxed and friendly environment to participate in knowledge creation and practical application. It brings together the people and companies redefining human resources to offer the industry’s boldest and brightest ideas, innovations, solutions, tools, resources, and best practices.

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AVP-HR and Head L&D
Reliance Retail Ltd.

Liam Martin

Co-founder & CMO
Time Doctor, Running Remote

Corina Neagu

Managing Director
DARE (Development Advice & Resources)

Independent Consultant, Coach

Head of Training, Talent and Performance

Assistant Professor, Department of Business Management
IBM, GLA University Mathura India

World-Class Mindset Coach

Joongbo Multimode Chemicals Limited

Anchor HR Services Inc.

VET Manadi PU college

Sr. HR Business Partner

[Our Timetable]

The organizers reserve the right to change the program!

Engage people of Post – Pandemic in the digital era
To be confirmed shortly
How World-Class Mindset can fuel Digital Transformation
Digitization – future of HR
Enable Your Employees for Digital Transformation
Michelle Gong – Canada
Ranjit Khompi – India
Vikas Jain – India
Roopashree R – India
Pauline James – Canada
Discover potential and develop people
Current Trends in HR in 21st Century
Leaders March During Pandemic: Reinventing your Strengths
Remote Work – what does it take to work from anywhere
Corina Neagu – Romania
Dr. Rubee Singh – India
Momtaz Chowdhury – Bangladesh
Ankita Poddar – Ireland
Future of Work: How to Transition Your Business to Operate Globally
People Analytics During and After Pandemic
Supernatural Leadership – Exceptional Leadership For Exceptional Times
Liam Martin – Canada
Maggie Sun – China
Dr. Ali Khursheed Ahmad – Saudi Arabia

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