American Digital Week 24-30.10.2022

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American Digital Week is a virtual event, dedicated to the digital transformation of modern society. It includes 15 conferences, giving the viewers useful information about the essential trends related to digital technology.  Experts and business leaders from North & South America and around the World will come to share personal and professional knowledge, best-case practices and showcase project experiences.

What are our goals?

  • Increase the speed of digital transformation for businesses.
  • Inspire young professionals to lead the digital revolution 
  • Grow the overall interest in digital technologies.
  • Provide a platform to experts from all over the world to share experience and knowledge
  • Develop a community of professionals with new mindset towards the digitalization of our world and economies
  • Present breakthrough innovations in digital technologies

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One Ticket | 15 Top virtual tech Forums | Global Know-how | Join us now!

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